Our services

We'll to develop your films

Kobal Production develops and produces music videos for artists of all shapes and sizes.

Every video we produce, no matter what scale or genre, is designed to be an engaging motion picture.

Video editing is an art form, and like all art, it can be approached from multiple perspectives.


You need a way to break through the clutter. The best way to do that is with a promo by Kobal Production.

At Kobal Production we understand that the effective presentation of your brand to your audience is as important as the brand itself.

Do you need a video that communicates with the public with the maximum return on investment? Let we provide the solution.

We collaborate with you to make your vision a reality, and make sure your message connects with the audience on the most visceral level.


Any successful video production strategy demands a well-defined Internet strategy.


We make sure we heard right, and only then do we get to work.

Price list

How much does a video production cost?

The most common question we come across is: how much does video production cost?

Our services are accessible and fair to all.

The price of our video production services starts at € 500 and depends on the complexity of the project.

The project budget is influenced by the number of filming days, the location of the shoot, the amount and complexity of the graphics or 2D / 3D animations.

We are aware that each video project is unique, so it is necessary to list the wishes of the client before compiling an offer.